Garden Hose is a slice-of-life webcomic that happens to take place in the kink scene. It focuses on life both in and out of the dungeon and deals with issues such as poly relationships, finding the perfect sub, and not strangling the new office intern. Garden Hose has adult language and situations but no nudity. Sorry.

Fern is a mild-mannered, quiet, insipid girl who always does as she's told. She enjoys attending to domestic duties, endorsing conservative values, and being a proper lady. She has no sense of humor.

Why "Garden Hose"?


Ever heard the phrase "as kinky as a cheap garden hose"? No? Now you have.


So, this is a comic about kink.


This is a comic about people, friends, and relationships and it just so happens that it takes place in the kink scene. 


Where's all the nudity? I thought this comic was kinky!


This comic, in its current state, will not have any nudity. There are two reasons for this:

1.) Because I said so.

2.) Refer to number 1.


So, why did you even make this?


Because, kinky people love kinky humor and web comics. It was time we had one just for us. I also think it's a good aid to help younger people explore their sexualities without lying about their ages on ridiculous BDSM porn sites. Another great reason to have no nudity...hovering parents and teachers are less likely to raise the alarm. 


Oh, so you think kids should be exposed to this? That's illegal!


Disseminating porn to minors is illegal. This isn't porn, it's a comic about a lifestyle lynch pinned around an alternative sexuality. And I don't think "kids" should be reading this but teenagers (you know, the ones watching Lady Heather on CSI) are welcome.


Fine. How do you make this comic?


Everything you see is done in Photoshop with a Wacom Graphire tablet. The average strip takes about 8-10 hours to complete.


I have more questions! How can I contact you?


You can email me at gardenhosecomic@gmail.com or tweet me.